Ferric sulfate 99% CAS NO 10028-22-5

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Basic Info

Model No.: cy10028-22-5

Additional Info

Packaging: 25kg

Productivity: 5000 TON

Brand: cy

Transportation: Ocean,Land

Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 50 ton

Certificate: Enterprise standard

HS Code: 2930909090


Product Description

Ferric sulfate 99% CAS NO 10028-22-5

Ferric sulfate is a sulphate of iron (III) and its chemical formula is Fe2 (SO4) 3. The crystals are usually yellow and soluble in water, and are orthorhombic. It is used as a mordant and coagulant for industrial waste water, and is also used in pigments. In medicine, ferric sulfate is used as astringent and hemostatic agent. A large amount of ferric sulfate can be obtained by the reaction of sulfuric acid, ferrous sulfate solution and oxidant such as nitric acid or hydrogen peroxide. 2 FeSO4 + H2SO4 + H2O2 = Fe2 (SO4) 3 + 2 H2O

The domestic ferric sulfate reagent is usually "Fe2(SO4)3.xH2O"(x_6) with a relative molecular weight of 507.73, which contains 21-23% iron.

Essential information

Chinese Name: ferric sulfate

English Name: iron (3+) sulfate

English aliases: Ferric sulfate; Ferric Sulfate; iron (3+), trisulfate; Iron (III) sulfate hydrate;

CAS: 10028-22-5

Molecular formula: Fe2O12S3

Molecular weight: 399.87800

Precise mass: 399.72500 PSA:265.92000

Physicochemical properties

Appearance and properties: yellow crystalline solid or a pale gray white powder.

Density: 3.097

Melting point: 480 °C

Boiling point: 330°Cat 760 mmHg

Storage conditions: storehouse low temperature, ventilation, drying, moisture proof, closed storage.

security information

Dangerous goods transportation Code: UN 9121

WGK Germany:3

Danger category code: R22; R36/37

Safety instructions: S26

RTECS: NO8520000

Dangerous goods sign: Xn


It is mainly used as analytical reagent, water purifier, iron catalyst and mordant in the production of pigments and medicines, mordant and water purifier in urban drinking water and industrial water supply.

It is used for the analysis of silver and the quantitative determination of sugar. It is used as engraving, disinfection, polymerization catalyst for dye, ink, water and aluminum.

Analytical reagent, quantitative determination of sugar, iron catalyst, mordant, water purifying agent, pigments and drugs.

Impurity removal of SO (Fe) (SO) +SO +SO +H O=2FeSO O=2FeSO +2H SO SO

The water treatment industry is used as coagulant for water purification and sludge treatment agent.

It is used as a coagulant for mordant and industrial waste water, and is also used in pigment.

In medicine, ferric sulfate is used as astringent and hemostatic agent.

It is used for zinc nickel iron alloy, galvanized iron cobalt alloy and other electrolyte.

Ferric sulfate is used in agriculture as chemical fertilizer, herbicide and insecticide, curing wheat, fruit trees, potatoes, corn, vegetables, flowers and trees to prevent pests and rot diseases in orchards, mosses and lichens in tree stalks. It can also be used as fertilizer, as a catalyst for the production of chlorophyll from flowers, trees and fruit trees. It can remove phosphorus, fix nitrogen, activate potassium, loosen soil, sterilize and control insects, strengthen roots and stems, enhance fruit luster, water content, enhance photosynthesis, improve crop drought resistance, stress resistance, reduce fruit rot, rot, spot and rust. Powdery mildew and other diseases, and fruit tree lobular disease, yellow leaf disease, fruit shrinkage disease has a strong control effect to increase income and yield.

It is used for making pigments, medicines and polymeric ferric sulfate as mordant, water purifier, etc. It is used for raw water purification, sewage treatment, recycling, medicine, tanning, sugar industry, and a new type of efficient flocculant. It is mainly used for purification of drinking water and industrial water. It can also purify various industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater (such as food, leather, mining, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, papermaking, petroleum and other wastewater).

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