Absorbent is also called absorbent. This substance can make the active ingredient adhere to the surface of its particles, and make the liquid trace compound additive become a solid compound, which is beneficial to the uniform mixing. It is a solid substance which can adsorb some of its components effectively from gas or liquid. It has large specific surface area, suitable pore structure and surface structure, strong adsorption capacity for adsorbate, generally does not react with adsorbate and medium, is easy to manufacture and regenerate, and has excellent adsorption and mechanical properties. Adsorbents are generally used in industrial production, so adsorbents can be divided into six categories according to the common industrial use.

1. silica gel, it is mainly used for drying, gas mixture and separation of petroleum components.

2. alumina, it is also a dehydrating adsorbent.

3. activated carbon is mainly used for water treatment, decolorization and gas treatment.

4. polyacrylamide is mainly used for domestic sewage and organic wastewater.

5. zeolite molecular sieve for gas adsorption separation, gas and liquid drying;

6. carbon molecular sieves mainly act as transport channels, while micropores play the role of molecular sieves.

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SILICA  99% CAS NO 10279-57-9
SILICA 99% CAS NO 10279-57-9

Carbon atom 98% CAS NO 7440-44-0
Carbon atom 98% CAS NO 7440-44-0

Silica gel 99.9% CAS NO 112926-00-8
Silica gel 99.9% CAS NO 112926-00-8

Vitamin E 99% CAS NO 59-02-9
Vitamin E 99% CAS NO 59-02-9

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